How to Live Full Time on the Road and Be A Happy Nomad - RV Love

August 12, 2015

Marc and Julie Bennett decided their life needed a change - a big one. So they sold their home, bought an RV and now live life full time on the road. They like to say they moved into an RV to travel, work and live a more meaningful life – rich with experiences instead of things. After a little over a year, they have no regrets. They've weathered the ups and downs and settled in as location independent professionals. Their mission is to travel, love and be happy. They believe there is always a way to create the life you truly want. Their motto - sometimes it just takes an open mind, creative thinking, some hard work (or not), a spot of planning, patience, a good dose of courage, and of course – the willingness to face your fears, take a risk and just GO FOR IT! I talk to Julie about how they got to this place - individually, and as a couple - to do something most people only dream about.

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